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Vaccine Recommendations

When they are available, getting vaccines for you or your pet offer great protection against harmful diseases. Additionally, when traveling to different countries, there might be vaccines available to help you stay healthy on your trip. 

Vaccine Recommendations for Pets

One of the easiest ways to keep your pets healthy is by getting them their proper vaccinations. Vaccinations help protect your pets from some harmful diseases and can also keep diseases from spreading to humans 

  • It is important to work with a veterinarian for the proper vaccinations for your pet. Your pet may only need some vaccines only once and other vaccines might need to be given to your pet more than once (such as every year).   
  • To learn more about what vaccines might be recommended for your pet, click here.  

Vaccine Recommendations for 4-H Animals and Livestock

It is important to get the proper vaccines for your animals and livestock to lower the chances of them getting diseases. When animals live together in groups or are brought together during shows, it is easier for diseases to be spread between the animals and to humans.    

  • It is important to work with a veterinarian and your 4-H leader to know the right vaccine requirements for your animals. There may be different requirements depending on the show or the area you are in.    

Vaccine Recommendations for Travel

It is important to know about possible vaccinations that are available when traveling to areas that have different diseases not found in the United States. It is also important to know if there is a current outbreak (high number of cases) of a disease in different countries before you travel.  

Click here to be directed to CDC’s Travelers Health page where you can learn about vaccine recommendations for different countries, traveling advice, and tips to stay healthy during your travel.

Click here to find a clinic near you that offers pre-travel vaccinations.