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There are different types of hookworms including human parasites and animal parasites. Animal hookworms can infect humans which usually results in a skin condition where the hookworm larvae* go into the skin.


How can I get sick? 

The hookworm parasites are spread from an infected* animal’s poop which ends up going onto the ground or in the grass.  

  • Unprotected skin. A person can get hookworms by walking on the ground barefoot where there are hookworms or by sitting on the ground where there are hookworms.  

Symptoms in humans: 

Early symptoms are: 

  • Rash in the area where the hookworm is 
  • Itching 

A person that doesn’t have a lot of hookworms might not have any symptoms. A person with a bad infection could have the following:  

  • Stomach pain 
  • Diarrhea (runny poop) 
  • Not feeling hungry 
  • Weight Loss 
  • Feeling very tired 

What can I do to stay healthy?  

  • Do not walk barefoot in areas where hookworm is common such as dirt where an animal poops.  
  • Do not touch dirt where an animal poops and do not swallow dirt.  


  • Infected: When germs get inside of a body, animal, or an organism.
  • Larvae: Early development stage of an animal, which occurs after birth and before reaching the adult form.

Species Affected

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